Big Break Legacy



What is the Big Break Legacy?

The Big Break Legacy is a South African Reality TV Show aimed at identifying, educating, inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs in our country; it is a weekly series where contestants compete in real-life entrepreneurial challenges in a bid to ultimately win the R5 Million investment prize on offer.

Who is eligible to participate/apply?

Residents of South Africa with a valid ID number and who have either an existing business requiring re-capitalisation for growth or a business concept which they are able to put forward for investment.

What kind of business ideas stand a better chance of being considered and being successful?

The kind of business idea/s that stand a better chance of being considered and being successful on the show are those where applicants can show that their business is a) Commercially viable b) Scalable (can be upscaled) c) Sustainable d) Making or going to make a Social Impact. The successful business or concept will also be able to show investors how they might receive a suitable Return on Investment.

Can I still enter and be successful if I do not speak English very well?

The business language in South Africa is English, be that as it may, the competition is open to applicants of all 11 language groups.

Is there an age restriction on who can apply?

Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply. The show is geared towards motivating and developing young entrepreneurs, ideally between the ages of 18 and 40.

What is the process I should follow to participate in the show?

To participate in the show is easy, follow these 3 simple steps: 1) SMS your name, surname and ID number to 38353, (SMS charged at R10.00). You will then receive an SMS in return giving you your unique login details and the web address at which to register. 2) Type in the web address given to you and click ‘Register’ then enter your unique login details. 3) Follow the instructions to complete the detailed online registration form. If your application meets the Judge’s criteria, you will make it through to the next round: auditions, in which case you will be officially notified by The Big Break Legacy. If you do not have access to the internet to register then call 011 880 1517 with your unique login code and we will assist you with your registration.

Will the show still be broadcast on SABC?

Yes, the broadcast channel will be announced closer to the time of going on air.

If I was unsuccessful in season I, can I still apply?

Applicants who were unsuccessful in Season 1 are most welcome to apply again to audition for Season 2.

What do I do to prepare myself for the auditions?

Know your business/idea and ensure that you have your processes in place.

Is it possible to speak to last year’s winner?

Not directly, but join us on Twitter to tweet up a storm with Graham Rowe as well as some of the previous contestants.

As viewers, can we give input on the show format?

We welcome viewer input and interaction on the show and try to give our fans what they would like to see. Please make use of our social networks: Facebook Twitter YouTube – to make your voice heard with regard to what you would like to see on the show.

Are there other prizes other than the R5 million?

There are other prizes which will be distributed through competitions on the website and social media.

Who are the sponsors of BBL?

The Sponsors of The Big Break Legacy for Season 1 were as follows: MTN Business, title sponsor; Chevrolet; the IDC; the Blue Train; Bulova; GIBS; Business Report and The Department of Trade & Industry. The Sponsors for Season 2 currently include: MTN Business as the title sponsor; GIBS and CNBC.

What’s in it for the sponsors?

The sponsors get national coverage on all media, print, radio, TV, outdoor as well as other coverage on the show. They also get further exposure through CNBC as Season 1 will be broadcast to 48 countries in Africa.

How much time do I have to give up in order to be on the show?

You will be required to participate for 3 months of production. The exact months will be confirmed shortly.

If I am already running an existing business, would I be able to continue?

You would need to have someone manage the business for you during the 3 month period of production of the show.

The R5 Million Investment, how much say does that give BBL in my business?

It is really your business. The Big Break Legacy is an advisor and will elect a representative to sit in your management committee to advise on strategy, business development and financing.

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